Start Over

Transformers: Manhattan, New York, 2008.

Walking from the west coast to the east coast of Manhattan following Grand Street wearing the Transformer Jackets.

one guy gave thumbs up/ a man asked us why we where doing what we where doing/ the children was laughing at us and one man took a photograph/ many couples tried hard not to look at us/ we had the word ”ninjas” whispered to us when we walked through chinatown/ the wind was doing faboulous things with the silk organzas and a guy was shouting from his car that Hallowen was in November/ when not wearing the flaggs up you felt like some part of your body was missing/ a woman touched the silk scarves and asked if they belonged to a magician/ when we reached Hudson River another guy leaned out of the car and shouted freedom fighters

Models: Fredric Gunve, Pontus Gunve, Kajsa G Eriksson
Photographer: Ramona Lall