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Tranfomers: Gerlseborgsskolan, Bohuslän, Sweden, 2007
Workshop ending with a performance at the pre-art school Gerlesborgsskolan 071112-071115:

The workshop was exploring non-verbal encounters and using textile as a medium and material. All through the workshop we had discussions about the student's situation at the school. What came out of this was that they were upset about how the cars were speeding past them when they walked the twenty minute walk on the road in the countryside to get to the schools
different departments. They felt that people living in the area did not really accept or respect them and this attitude was shown when the cars took all the space in the road. The last day of the workshop we decided to make flags and do a parade on this road. The flags were installed as markers along the road and when cars passed by we all stopped and waved hello.