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Transformers: Södra Älvstranden, Göteborg, 2008

Walking from the opera house to the culture centre of Röda Sten, following the water front of Södra Älvstranden wearing the tranformer jackets.

Official comments of the area of Södra Älvstranden:

”When you have been cut off for such a long time, it is extremely exiting to reclaim the water and get down to the water front.”
/Jan Hallberg, vice-chairman of the local government authority

”All old songs about Gothenburg, it is not just any place, it is somewhere in the hearts of the people of Gothenburg.”
/Göran Johansson, chairman of the local government authority

no one asked us anything/ we met very few people, so we talked to each other/ when the boat shuttle passed we waved to it/ we found two good places for drinking and hanging out where no one could see you/ we found a pier with dead fish, birds eating the fish and a guy watching from his car using a binoculars/ first it rained and then it got cold/ we found a spray painted yellow swasticka crossed out with red spray paint/ a man on a bike waved hello to us/ we where freezing/ the silk organza got dragged in the wet dirty streets/ the walk was long so in the end we got a bit quiet

Models: Anna Carlsson, Emma Fälth, Kajsa G Eriksson

Photographer: David Crawford