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The Mirrorbrooch:

As part of my work I have been wearing a mirror brooch for some time. While this i received many passing comments. Here a few of them:

A girl of 13 or 14 years old, wearing a purple and black Mohawk, on the tram states: - A mirror!
(Then she immediately looks at herself in the mirror)

I walk along Vasagatan in Göteborg, a man points at my brooch smiles and says: - The sun!

The mirror brooch has provoked a lot of reactions while I have been wearing it and not only positive ones. Some people react very negative when they see themselves in the mirror. Some are doing short but very intense analyses of why I am wearing it.
It has also provoked a lot of questions.
- Is it an instrument?
- Is it for protection?

A man working in the cashier of a grocery store said to me while I was paying for my groceries.
- Aha, it will show different people on the brooch, well, and then one can not say it is handsome, nice. (I guess he meant that he could not flatter himself, because at that point he was showing in the mirror.) What I have been noticing is that the Mirror is mostly commented by men, some even think it is a device for me to meet single men. For some reason it is easier to take verbal contact with me by strangers when I am wearing the brooch.